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Alrighty then... because we have all the rumors swirling and fear mongering going on, I wanted to clear up some things about all this as it relates to THIS server.

First, let's start with the EULA.

As most of you know, Mojang announced a few months back that we'd be getting a new EULA that we'd have to abide by going forward.  They did a big question and answer on it and most server owners have made some attempt to be compliant with that before August 1st.  The catch is that the EULA showing on Mojang's website is still dated from December 2013, not August 1st, and so a large bulk of the community says that means that it never updated. Others say that we all had to agree to the new EULA when we loaded the game in 1.7.10. 

My question to you guys is this:  Does it really matter?

The intention behind the EULA change was to make the game experience fair to players across the board in such a way that players wouldn't have to BUY a rank in order to keep up with other players on the server.  It was to eliminate "pay to win" situations.

Now, if you guys know anything about me personally, or have gamed with me for any extended period of time, I crave fairness like a drug.  Even back when we played WoW, our DKP system wasn't out of the box, but designed by myself to make things fair to everyone that raided with us.  Why should it be any less fair on the minecraft server?

When I started this server, I really thought about how to create a balance here that would be fair for everyone.  From staff all the way down to guests.  The system I came up with was dual ranking (triple ranking in the staff's case) so that you can work your way towards those big perks like mcmmo bonuses without having to pay a dime to me to get it.  If you like the cutesy particle effects, disguises, etc, you have to pay for those.  Those things don't give you any unfair advantage.  Everything that we felt could even remotely give you an unfair advantage got locked behind player/credit ranks that EVERYONE on the server can work towards without spending a dime.

That's fair.  And that's how it's going to stay.  I want you to have fun here.  I want you to love it here so much that you log in every day.  I want you to love it here so much that you vote because you want other people to know how much you love it here.  And the only way to do that is to make it FAIR.

EULA change or not.  I don't care what Mojang does.  The initial idea was RIGHT, and it's 100% in line with how I like things done. 

Now... Microsoft bought Mojang, so what does that mean for us?  Well, right now it means nothing.  There's little to no information out there yet on how it will impact servers.  I will stay on top of the discussions and news and report back to everyone when I know FACTS.  I will not post a bunch of rumor/fear mongering info here.  It does no good. 

My speculation at this time though is this:  The EULA change that was announced months ago was probably in preparation for the Microsoft acquisition and it probably will be updated on their site soon.  For a company that never enforced that EULA, to then turn around and piss off their community by announcing that change, followed closely on the heels by this acquisition... yeah, pretty sure that we'll see that EULA change sometime in the future.  Maybe not right now but soon.  It closed up legal loopholes for server owners to make money off of something none of us own the rights to.  That also, is fair.

So, I'll leave you with this...

There's no reason for anyone to panic about anything at this point because none of us are in the know on what's going on behind closed doors over at Mojang or Microsoft.  Please do not run around like chickens with your head cut off, screaming the sky is falling... We just don't know yet.  So chill out, play some Minecraft and enjoy your day. 

Thanks for listening!

We're pleased to announce that the new server is online and ready for players to join!  Here's a little bit about the server:

  • Survival world is set on hard difficulty on a LARGE BIOME map and has a dedicated spawn in that world.  We also have mcMMO, Stables, LWC, Villages, Signship and other plugins to give you a secure building environment and allow for player to player competition!  The current map is 25k in each direction from where you spawn into that world.

  • The server spawn is for full of information for players to get familiar with commands, plugins, rules and building information.  Make sure to wander around there and check everything out before you leave and head over to the survival world.

  • We use compass navigation to move between worlds (no portals!).  Just type /worlds in game to go to different destinations.  Worlds are restricted by rank, so you may have to work your way towards those locked areas by voting, participating in build contests, giveaways, etc. (See ranks info page for more details).  World access cannot be purchased with real money though, you have to earn it in game.

  • We have an admin shop and exchange shop set up in the Survival world to help you start earning money.  You need money in order to start claiming land! You can check out more about the economy on the website!

  • In game playing is more vanilla in nature with limited teleporting abilities enabled.  Those restrictions CAN be removed if you work towards Veteran rank on the server -- and you can gain fly and teleport as much as you want without the timer.

  • Land Claiming gives you an in game tag with your town's name on it so people know where you live :)  You can see who has the top village in game by doing /village top

  • A LOT of thought and time went into building the server from the ground up. The only thing that came from the old server is some of the builds that were in those worlds and most of our old staff returning :)

  • Additional survival worlds will be released over the next 6 months or so.  Expect to see Amplified Biome Survival, Super Flat Survival and Skyblock relatively soon.

Our staff should be familiar to players coming back to us from Chicken Hell (R.I.P.), along with a few familiar faces from the Skylands/Enderman Midgard server.  Here is a list of our current staff:

  • Danger__Smoog
  • Demonwarrior11
  • Guiilo
  • Lukee308
  • Miss_Sparkles
  • Mulnax
  • SolianaNoctem
  • Urchindabomb
  • Vespane
  • Xenotopic
  • xXNIGHTFalllXx
  • ZAxCH87

Sometime in the near future, Mel1939 (now with a new name) will also be joining our staff.  We look forward to having her back in the family as well :)

You currently have access to Spawn, Survival, & The Nether.  The end is available but we're working on some surprises for that next weekend (9/20).

For those of you that want to know about our hardware, we're running on a dedicated server hosted by Phoenix Nap.  E3-1230 V2 server which has a 3.4Ghz CPU (our old server was a 3.3Ghz CPU so slight upgrade), 16 GB Memory.  The server was turned on July 15th and we've had it online every day since then with minimal issues while I've been setting everything up.

Unfortunately, we are not on 1.8 yet...but the map is so large that there should be plenty of areas that will generate with 1.8 features after we update, so I'm not overly concerned with the delay.

We look forward to seeing everyone around again!  We've missed everyone :)
Eudy & The Staff

The server is online and ready now.  I'll send out the mass mail tomorrow though.  In the meantime, some of you testers (Demonwarrior, CVirus, Dargo, etc) may find yourselves located in very random worlds when you log in.  Just do /worlds and go to spawn or survival and you should be fine.  If not, do /spawn.  I've noticed 3 or 4 people have been sent to random places, while everyone else has spawned where they're supposed to now that the test world has been removed.  There's not enough people impacted for me to scratch my head on this one for any serious amount of time, so we'll deal with you guys on a case by case basis.

New players spawn where they're supposed to without issue though =)

For now, everyone is restricted to Spawn and Survival.  The end and nether are temporarily shut off.  I'll turn those back on tomorrow afternoon sometime.

Have fun :p

Server Opening - Friday

Eudaemonea a posted Sep 10, 14
The server will be whitelisted tomorrow at 12pm pacific so that I can finish the last minute things that require nobody online.  We will reopened to the public on Friday at 3pm Eastern/12pm Pacific.

Things to note:
  • We will NOT be on 1.8.  (See all the drama info below).
  • We will NOT update to 1.8 until *all* plugins and spigot are 1.8 compatible
  • The map you will have right now is a 1.7.10 Large Biomes map with a 40kx40k map
  • We will most likely have a new 1.8 map later on - with inventory sharing between the old/new maps
  • IF you were one of the testers, your balance and mcmmo skills are NOT being reset
  • IF you were one of the testers, your RANK will be reset to guest.

  • You will have access to the following worlds tomorrow:  Survival, Nether, End, Spawn
  • You can claim land in Survival, but not in the end or nether
  • Land Claiming in the nether can be done with buildings, signs, fences, etc.  Just mark it.  The villages plugin is disabled there since it makes an already dangerous place, more so.
  • Item dropping is disabled at the main server spawn.  If you want to trade items, you can either tp to each other, or trade at the survival spawn.  Trading chests are located under the stairs at the survival spawn.
  • Voting is not enabled at this time.  We will turn that on after we update to 1.8
  • EVERYONE (including the owner) is kicked for afking more than 15 minutes.  AFK machines are against the rules.  I will put in a plugin to break them if it becomes an issue.  You can reconnect with 1 click.  It's not a horrible ordeal.  If I can do it, so can you.
  • Rules, Ranks, and other info on the website is up to date.  Please make sure you read that stuff, especially ranks and economy info.  We do not operate like other servers!!!
  • If you find a bug, please report it by using the CONTACT US FORM.  Staff can't fix bugs, only I can.

And yes, there's a teleport cooldown -- it's intentional.  No, it's not going away.  You can rank up to remove the timer later on when we open up voting.  We're not set up to be easy-craft.  We're set up to put some of the vanilla feel back into the game without it being monotonous.

Look forward to opening on Friday.  See you all in game then :)


There's hope...

Eudaemonea a posted Sep 9, 14
Spigot has found a way around this issue by providing server owners that run on Spigot (like us...) to do a Binary Patch using the last file that was released before the DMCA take down notice was sent out.  The problem is, that they can't let you download that file anymore, so unless you have a copy or can get your hands on it, you're pretty much screwed.

I have the file and have it in it's own little protected folder safe and sound...and on a flash drive...and on an external drive...and on the laptop lol

The process to patch looks pretty easy but I'm not going to bother with anything right now until they say they have a patch that's full 1.8 AND plugins work with it.   So it's basically business as usual for me, since I won't update until we're on stable releases for everything. 

In the meantime, I'm setting up the survival world now with a very tiny world border on it so that a vast majority of the map cannot be rendered.  Basically, the 2500x2500 area in the center of the map will be 1.7.10 map and the map on the other side of the border that you can't get to right now will be 1.8 after we update and I move the border out to where I wanted it originally.

I am hopeful that we can open by Friday if all goes well.  I'm working through that list of final things to do this week and we'll play it by ear as Friday gets closer.


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