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Just wanted to toss up a quick reminder to all of you that this server is for ADULT (18+) players.  Children can play here IF their parents approve it and the parent/child both understand that they will see adult content here.  We do not filter our chat except in extreme cases.

Staff should not be monitoring chat for "adult" content either.  We have a word filter in place that will kick anyone that goes too far -- based on what *I* consider too far. 

Along with that, if you are one of those kids that still comes here even knowing we prefer adults only, and you annoy, nag, argue or otherwise irritate our players, you WILL be removed. 

So, just a gentle reminder -- maturity is a must.  Self sufficiency is also a must.  Use the website, use google, use your friend.  Just don't pester others for hand holding here. 



Guardian Farms

Eudaemonea a posted Wed at 15:42

Just a friendly reminder -- All mob spawner/farms must have an on/off switch on them.  With the guardian farms, please make sure that mobs do NOT collect together in large amounts.  This is causing us some lag already.  While I don't want to restrict your creativity, I also don't want to start seeing server lag because of these things.  Make SURE that your guardians are DYING from either lava blades or fall damage.  If you're using them for an xp farm, your machine must either keep them from spawning when you're not there or kill them with no item drops.  AFK farms aren't allowed.

If in doubt, ask one of us to come take a look at it and we'll ok the design.

Also, absolutely no massive farms.  Ves' is about the limit of what we'll allow (and even his is overkill...)  Please put your greed for blocks secondary to the server's need for no lag :)



The admins and I have discussed this for a while now and have finally reached a decision about it.  We are discontinuing the Resource world effective immediately.  While we really liked the world and what it was there for, we very rarely see it being used. 

In it's place, we will be putting in new warps at survival spawn like we did with Skylands spawn to get players out away from the center of the map.  This should enable you to go out on exploration trips to gather materials in areas away from your homes or to even find new building areas.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause!

Edit: Warps are now installed.  North West warp will take you to a water temple that has been lifted out of the ocean and mobs shut off in that area so you can explore one of the new 1.8 features =)

glitchbent I'm excited to hear about the new warps to get out into new territory!

PvP Option in Districts

Eudaemonea a posted Jan 24, 15
We are pleased to announce that we have implemented a new aspect to our survival worlds! With the 1.8 update, our District's plugin now has PvP capability!  We do have some general rules we'd like our players to adhere to when using this option in Districts, however we also want you guys to have fun with this. 

Please visit the new website page for PvP to get a list of rules/restrictions related to the pvp option in Districts.  If you have any questions, please post them here or ask in game.

Codster_Pwnz That is Awesome ... *puts on boxing gloves*
With the introduction of 1.8, we now have the Spawner/Egg shop open in the Survival Spawn.  Prices vary depending on what you're buying and if we believe those particular types of spawners could have an impact to our economy in a detrimental way.

As you start buying these items and using them, I want to make sure everyone understands our rules regarding spawners.

  • You cannot have more than 8 in any area. 

  • All machines created with the spawners *MUST* have an on/off switch -- the "off" position *MUST* either kill the mobs that spawn or keep them from spawning (light, water, lava, slabs moving up/down, etc)

  • "Off" when chunk isn't loaded isn't an off switch on this server.  Off means even if someone walks into your area where the grinder is located, that it will not produce mobs until the on switch is used.

I will use my Cow Killer 9000 machine that Klepto built me last year as an example.  It has a spawner in the center of a grassy room where the cows spawn.  They are unable to spawn when it is turned off because directly above the spawner there's a dispenser with water bucket.  It dumps water on the spawner and fills the room so the cows have nowhere to spawn.  When you turn it on, this begins a cycle of water off to spawn cows, then water on to push the cows into lava to kill/cook them.  Turning it off is simply a matter of waiting for the water cycle to be flooding the room. 

If you build something with no on/off switch, we will give you 24 hours to fix it.  After 24 hours, if there is no EASY TO IDENTIFY off switch (labeled preferably), then your spawners or machine may be destroyed.

I refuse to have a bunch of lag producing nonsense on the server.  Be responsible builders here please.  Even if it takes you an extra bit of resources and build time, abide by the rules please.  This is for the benefit of the entire community!


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