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Eudaemonea ao posted Tue at 21:08
Server rules are now posted, along with the ban appeal and staff applications. 

Spawn is nearly finished being built.  That should be complete by Friday.  Saturday and Sunday I'll start doing plugin configuration and permissions.  Hopefully I can wrap that up over those two days and have a mostly functional setup ready for testing starting Monday. 

At that point, I will allow a limited amount of testers on the server to start trying out things and reporting problems.  A bug report form will be available on the website at that time to send me notices when you find an issue.  If you'd like to be considered for the testing environment, please send me mail or post on this news topic and I'll let you know if you're picked to participate!

Thanks for the patience :)  I'm getting excited now!
lario2435 Whats the server address to get on?
Hubby is working on a little side project right now and would like to get the word out that he's taking photo submissions of YOUR favorite builds (things you personally built).  Please email them to  List the server that you built it on, your in game name and any special name you have for the build.

adam_lara Does it matter which server I built my build on? Can it be any server on the web? xD
Eudaemonea ao depending on which world you're referring to soli, it may be loaded on the new server since we've pulled some stuff to u ...
Guiilo same... i personally like the ruins one.. or the shipwreck

Sneak Peak

Eudaemonea ao posted Jul 17, 14
adam_lara Yes! The creative server iv'e been itching for is coming back to OP! YES! PARTEEEH!!
lario2435 Glad u decided to do this eudy. ...
xXNIGHTFalllXx like the texture pack=)

So here's the scoop...

Eudaemonea ao posted Jul 15, 14
I took a month away from almost everyone on the internet.  Away from most games.  Just kinda did my own thing for a while and did some serious thinking about what *I* enjoy when I sit down at the computer.  And it always just comes back to Minecraft.  I love it, and I know there's some people out there that don't like me playing it as much as I do but the bottom line comes down to this: That's not my problem.

So, the guys and I have been kicking around the idea of what I'd want to do if I rebuilt a minecraft server.  First thing was a new name.  Chicken Hell was tied too closely to a lot of bad memories and so, we came up with Alysian Blue to replace it. 

Next step was deciding if I wanted to build off of what I already had, or start fresh.  That decision wasn't made until about 2 hours ago.  We're doing fresh from the ground up.  Every plugin, permission, setting on the server will be as new as the machine it's residing on.

Hardware was based loosely off of what we had originally when my ex-partner in crime picked everything out, with some tweaks here and there.  We will be running on a faster CPU, with a bigger pipeline for data transfers.  And we are back with Phoenix Nap, who I never found fault with and has bent over backwards to make sure I have exactly what I need to turn everything back on.

I won't release the details yet.  I want our players to feel the impact of careful planning the first time they log in -- not read about it on a website.  I expect to take about 1-2 months to do full set up and config.  I am also wanting to wait until 1.8 is released before everything is turned on for the public.  This will enable me to update everything to 1.8 before players are online and test everything so that your first day on the server is smooth and enjoyable.

I will tell you this much.  It's survival :p

Staff has been mostly picked.  We're looking at Soli, Guiilo, Lukee, Urchin, Mulnax, Xeno all returning, along with Miss Sparkles, Danger Smoog, Sinsatara and Alexdavis joining the team.  I am waiting for approximately 4 others to respond to the staff position offers.  At this time, even with the people listed, we will be adequately staffed for launch.  I will put up a staff app in the meantime though and if you feel that you may be able to contribute, fill it out and I'll take a look at it.

The website will be rebuilt from the ground up just like the server is.  We will get a spiffy new logo and all that jazz.  We want to make sure you guys have a great experience here...

Creative *will* be brought back online at some point in the future if we have a strong enough player base to support it. Skyblock *will* be back also -- but probably on a new map just because things were always so buggy/broken on the old one.  Your previous builds are safe and sound on my harddrive and we'll make an effort to make schematics of stuff and put it out in survival for you IF it's not built out of crazy materials.

Please be patient while I work :p  I encourage you to follow us on twitter or facebook to stay up to date on what's going on.  As I post on the site, it will update those two sites also so it should be relatively easy to know what's going on.

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