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So our small community has two love birds getting married today -- right now in fact!  Isn't that exciting!!!  And while we can't be there with them, I thought you guys might like to know about it and send happy thoughts their way on this special day :)

Earlier in the month, we gave them an in game chapel that Sinsatara and Soliana built on my request.  If you want to do anything similar let me know and I'll get whatever you build relocated for them also!

Alternately you can send them in game mail, leave a message here, or send them a note through the website if you'd like to let them know you're thinking of them today.

Since this has come up twice in the last 24 hours, I wanted to take a moment to let everyone in on what apparently is a secret on this server.

Across the board - players, staff, admins, owners -- we *ALL* play the game here exactly the same way.  If there are signs listed saying no flying, no sethome, etc etc -- that applies to *ALL* of us.  The staff has no exceptions.  If it's posted for players to abide by, the staff has to abide by it also. The only person that can circumvent that is myself.

If you go to a world and read a sign that says that certain commands are restricted, but you can use them -- please report it immediately.  There's no reason for anyone to try to "test" what's going on.  That's my job.  Your job is playing, and having a good time.  Leave that work to the person that can fix it -- which is only me.

Sometimes I screw up and don't get permissions set up quite right -- it happens.  I'm human.  The server is still new and we'll find stuff like that here and there as we're all playing.  As it gets found, I fix it and move on to the next issue that pops up.  But the only way I can fix something that's broken so that our server remains fair to all players is when you guys report the problems.

And here's why I say don't "test" it for a while, then report it -- because the logs start looking like you're cheating when you do it that way.  When you report the problem eventually, I go back to look at the logs to see what commands you were using, what world you were in, etc etc.  And it starts being very hard to decipher "testing" from "exploiting".  That's when misunderstandings can happen on both sides of the fence and feelings start being hurt.

So, if you find it, don't test it, just report it.
Thanks for listening!
I love the holiday season and Halloween kicked it off.  Expect lots of stuff from now until New Years as Alysian Blue celebrates the Holidays!!!

This month, we're doing 25% off of all donations -- all month!  Use code: THANKFUL

I'll also be doing some other things throughout the month but since today is the 1st, I figured I'd go ahead and post this now instead of later. 

Be online by 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern!  We have a lot in store tonight!

Happy Halloween!!!!

Eudaemonea a posted Oct 30, 14
Because Halloween is one of my favorite days of the year, you will be getting BONUS VOTING REWARDS all weekend!!!!!

For Friday -- please be in a SAFE area =)

I'm also adding in a daily reward that is permanent!!!  Each vote you submit will earn you 10 Blocks to use for land claiming with Districts!!!!  50 blocks total.  If you bought them in game yourself that would be $1,000!

Also, Survival Spawn is now decorated to get everyone in the spirit and it will be NIGHT in that world until November 1st! 

Don't forget our Halloween Events starting in the evening!  Lots of fun stuff going on all weekend so make sure to stop in, participate in voting and events and be ready for RANDOM SURPRISES!

Let's have some fun this weekend everyone!