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Happy Halloween!!!!

Eudaemonea a posted 6 hours ago
Because Halloween is one of my favorite days of the year, you will be getting BONUS VOTING REWARDS all weekend!!!!!

For Friday -- please be in a SAFE area =)

I'm also adding in a daily reward that is permanent!!!  Each vote you submit will earn you 10 Blocks to use for land claiming with Districts!!!!  50 blocks total.  If you bought them in game yourself that would be $1,000!

Also, Survival Spawn is now decorated to get everyone in the spirit and it will be NIGHT in that world until November 1st! 

Don't forget our Halloween Events starting in the evening!  Lots of fun stuff going on all weekend so make sure to stop in, participate in voting and events and be ready for RANDOM SURPRISES!

Let's have some fun this weekend everyone!
We're pleased to announce that we have selected our new staff and build team members!

Build Team:

These guys will be responsible for helping build mini games, spawns for new worlds, and other projects we need completed around the server! 

We're also thrilled to have 2 new moderators joining the team! KiShinju and Ledor4 will be around starting immediately to help players with CHAT related issues.  After about a month, they will move into more hands on moderator responsibilities like rollbacks and fixing other issues =)

I'll be leaving the build team app open for an additional week.  Staff positions are now closed until we reopen them sometime in the future.  Thanks!


New Steam Group!

Eudaemonea a posted 12 hours ago
I have been procrastinating on shutting down our old steam group and changing it over to a new group for this server.  So today I got around to that finally!

You can go to and join the group if you're interested =)

You can also get to this from the Follow Us! link in the menu bar!

Halloween Event Prizes!

Eudaemonea a posted 13 hours ago
Here's the list for Halloween Event prizes that we'll be giving out over the weekend!

1st Place Winners will receive:
  • 100 Credits
  • 1024 Blocks for Districts
  • $10,000 in game cash

2nd Place Winners will receive:

  • 50 Credits
  • 512 Blocks for Districts
  • $5,000 in game cash

3rd Place Winners will receive:

  • 25 Credits
  • 256 Blocks for Districts
  • $2,500 in game cash


Dynmap Added!

Eudaemonea a posted 17 hours ago
We've had issues with this plugin since before I even opened this new server.  We had to shut it off on Chicken Hell at a certain point because of errors and issues, and each time I've tried to put it in on this server, it's done similar shenanigans.

Today, after a few hours of just beating it into submission -- I got it working again.  Wheee!

So, you can access it by clicking on MAP in the menu bar.  It will then open the map in a new window for you and the server spawn will be showing.  You will need to mouse over the right side of the screen to pop out the toolbar.  From there, select the world you're playing in and the map will change to show you that particular world. 

Right now, the map will be BLACK everywhere except for the areas that people are actively playing and chunks are loading.  You will see everyone's /sethome locations and warps, and in creative you'll see the plot owners & info when you click on the plot.

I disabled the cave view and turned off Sign Shop showing you were shops are for now.  I may add them back in later.

Hope you guys enjoy it!
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