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Because people just CANNOT behave...

Eudaemonea a
Eudaemonea @ Alysian Blue
posted 23 hours ago
TnT is now completely blocked in the Creative world.  You will be auto kicked when you attempt to even put it on the ground and the staff is notified.  Nothing I really wanted to do but hey, when I have to stop what I'm doing in another game to come deal with people being idiots, that's what ends up happening.  I'm not going to play this game with people.

This is an ADULT server.  If you guys want to act like bratty kids, expect the "mom" treatment with your favorite things just being taken away from you.

Additionally, we have a new RULE in place.  If you create any redstone clocks *ANYWHERE* on the server that causes the server, or other players lag, that is grounds for immediate banning.  Clocks also MUST have an on/off switch.  No exceptions.  Please remember that ban removals now cost you real money so if in doubt have an admin or myself come look at your clocks before you leave it unattended.

Thanks for listening!

Tuesday Updates!

Eudaemonea a
Eudaemonea @ Alysian Blue
posted Tue at 15:25
After some discussion between Mel, Vespane and myself, we have decided to open the creative world up to all players.  Please make a point to PROTECT your areas out there using districts.  Since we are lifting the restriction that you have to be here at least a month before you can use that world, we may see some mischief going on from new players (if you get my meaning...). 

The old creative world (plot world) is now officially discontinued.  Any moves from that world to the new world will now require a $5 donation to the server to cover the time I'd have to spend to reinstall that world, and do the moving. 

We are also dropping 2 voting sites.  We're going to go with just 3 for right now because we know voting takes up your time and can be annoying.  To compensate for the changes, we have doubled the rewards you receive from voting.  Essentially,  it'll be quicker to earn ranks, just with less actual voting required.

Skylands world is coming along nicely.  I should be ready to release that around January 1st if all goes as planned.  Possibly by Christmas if I get ahead of schedule =)

Also -- you may notice we now have a fancy little globe spinning on the main home page.  This is a widget I added to show where our player's locations are to give us a better feel for the various cultures we'll interact with here.  Plus... it's just kinda neat :p

We are also reopening moderator positions.  If you are a MEMBER, REGULAR OR VETERAN rank, you can apply for a staff position at this time.

Thanks for listening!

Server Updates & News

Eudaemonea a
Eudaemonea @ Alysian Blue
posted Dec 11, 14
To celebrate the upcoming Holiday Season we're doing another Donation Shop Sale for the 12 Days of Christmas (Dec 25th - January 5th).  During that time, all donations are 25% off.  Along with that, expect prizes and events in game and VOTING MADNESS during that time period.

Voting Madness usually contains extra money, blocks, points or goodies so make sure you vote every day during the 12 Days of Christmas!!!

In other news, effective immediately, we have made a change to the ban appeal process.  In fact, we have removed it altogether.  If you are banned now, you will have to pay a ban removal fee to regain access to the server.  This can be found in the Shop under "Ban Removal".  Please note that this can only be used 3 times by any particular player.  After that, you will have to discuss other arrangements with me.  Also, this service is only good if we've name banned you.  All IP bans will need to go through the owner by using the contact us form.  (IP bans in general are typically more serious in nature).

We feel that the loss of money to someone in order to regain access will  be a bigger incentive for them to behave when they come back. 

Thanks for listening!

Skylands Coming Soon!

Eudaemonea a
Eudaemonea @ Alysian Blue
posted Dec 10, 14
Coming Soon!


Just a heads up that I'm currently working on our next world release right now.  I won't have everything ready until probably sometime around Christmas or New Year's. 

This world will share the resource world with normal survival but will get it's own nether.  Inventories will be sharable between Survival and Skylands so you can use your stuff in whichever world you prefer.  I'm debating either giving everyone fly OR taking fly away from everyone in this world (LOL! Yes, I'm evil - stop calling me names!!!).  Feel free to give input on this in the comments so I can see what everyone thinks!

I have some more surprises tied in to this but I'm keeping the rest to myself.  Just thought you guys might like a sneak peak at what I've worked on today.

And yes, that's my old Hanging Gardens from the creative plot server.  I expanded it today a tad :p  Isn't it purdy?

Are you guys excite yet?

lukee308 excited* Depending on the average distance between islands it can be put in or taken away. Say each island is 10-64 blo ...

New Creative World is online and ready for use!

Eudaemonea a
Eudaemonea @ Alysian Blue
posted Dec 7, 14
This is just a heads up that we are discontinuing the plotme creative world.  In it's place we have a normal world that is creative (with some stuff blocked like mcmmo, stables, etc).  

IF you had a build in the old plotme world and you'd like it moved to the new  creative world, please use the CONTACT US form on the website to let me know what you want moved from the old world and the LOCATION you want it put down in the new world.  I'll need coordinates for the new location, and the plot id number from your old build.  This *must* be submitted by the 15th.

The map will be archived on Dec 16th.  After that, you will need to donate $5 per build that you want relocated.  Once I archive that map, it will no longer be on the server and will have to be reloaded for me to get to the builds.  

The new creative world is a large biome map just like the survival map.  We have downranked creative access from Regular to Member so you guys can gain access to it sooner.  Additionally, you will be able to protect those builds by using Districts just like you do in the survival world.

The new map is online and functional now.  Big thanks to Eholzzy and Missme35 for helping me get that world ready.  The spawn is Eholzzy's lovely hotel/mansion build that he did on our old creative server about a year ago.  Mel helped with interior decorating and various other things to get it up and running.

Inside you'll find 2 shops.  One shop is in the main lobby.  This one has the mini block (heads) for chests, melons, etc.  The second shop is for animal eggs.  Animal spawning is shut off in that world to help keep server lag low.  You are welcome to populate your areas with animals, but you'll have to purchase the eggs for a significant amount of money.  The eggs are priced high so that players don't go crazy with animals in this world.

You can also check out the new map by looking at Dynmap from the website :)
Hope you all have fun and enjoy the new map!
Eudy & The Staff
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