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Weekend News!

Eudaemonea a posted 22 hours ago
It's been a busy week for me, much of which you guys won't see in game for another week or so.  I will let you guys know here what I've been working on though =)

This week was the first week after our memory upgrade - the upgrade we did in preparation for mini games.  I'm taking this kind of slow right now because I want to make sure that everything is perfect before we open them up for usage.  The first step I took was downloading all the plugins and putting them on the server.  We actually ran 2 days with those plugins turned on so that I could watch baseline memory and console to see if we got any errors or conflicts with other plugins. I never saw any issues so that's a solid first step in the process. 

As it is right now, we plan on 3 of the games being on permanently: Paintball, Survival Games and Mob Arena.  Then we'll add in the others one at a time until we know how much we can handle and see if we have any conflicts.  What this means long term is that we may be able to run all 11 games, or we may not.  Only time will tell.  Right now, I don't think it would be an issue but as we get more players and have heavier traffic, it may become and issue and have to be adjusted.  We'll play it by ear.

Next week I'll start doing actual configurations on the plugins and seeing what stuff we have finished being built for arenas and whatnot.  We're looking at Oct 7th for a possible launch date for mini games.

Skyblock has also had some updates as I mentioned in the last news post, but I also had to shut off LWC this week in that world due to a problem we found with old chest locks being applied to a new island owner that belonged to the previous owner.  I reported it to the plugin dev and he's looking into it.  For now, it'll have to stay shut off.  If he can fix it, we'll update and turn lwc back on.  You should still have protection on your chests from the default settings for the Skyblock plugin.  Mostly this will impact those of you with magnet chests if you attempt to move them or set up new ones.

Server backup ran in 10 minutes today.  Up to 9gb of data.  Not too big, but a significant change from last Friday's backup that was 5gb.  That should give you some idea of how much stuff I've been working on this week :)

Just FYI -- I will be on infrequently this weekend as I have a new game that came out at midnight last night.  Once I'm done with server work for the day, I'll be playing that most likely.  Direct questions to the staff as usual, or contact us form if you need me specifically.

First up, if you're into skyblock you may have noticed that there was no way to change your biome types.  You can now do this by typing either /island cp and clicking on biomes or /island biomes.  As with other features on the server, changing your biome will cost you a significant amount of money each time you use it ($10,000 per biome change).

Additionally, you will no longer be able to type /island to get back to your island when you fall off your island.

The plugin developer put both of these changes in after I requested them -- he's my hero this week =)

Due to some ongoing issues with Island resets, we have disabled LWC in Skyblock for now.  I have reported the issue to the dev to see if maybe it can be fixed.  Your chests should still be safe from tampering with the default protections for the Skyblock plugin, however your magnetic chests from lwc will probably stop functioning.  This is not a huge deal as those were making Skyblock significantly more easy since you didn't have to create a hopper to collect your goodies.  At this time, there is no plan to turn this back on unless the developer puts in a fix that would remove lwc protections when you reset the island.

Also -- We previously had an issue with The End not generating an end portal and egg after you killed the dragon.  This has been fixed.  The End is currently reset -- however! I will not tell you when any future resets happen.  You will have to go out to The End portal and check if the dragon is respawned.  You may find anywhere from 1 to 5 dragons alive when you go in, so you may want to take friends with you when you go (or be greedy, it's up to you!).

There is a new addition to the Survival Spawn in the exchange market.  You may sell your dragon eggs to the server for $10,000 per egg.  This is about 50% of what we'd like to see the eggs selling for in player created shops. 

Hope everyone is enjoying their day! And sorry for the restarts this morning while I was fixing issues!

We are currently accepting staff applications.  We will make decisions by FRIDAY, OCTOBER 31st at noon pacific (3pm Eastern).

  1. Each Moderator applicant must be at least MEMBER rank.  If you are not the correct rank you will not be able to see the application.  If you are a member, and cannot see the application, then you are not logged in.

  2. We will be filling 3 positions at this time (*if we get quality applicants*)

We are pleased to announce that we will begin taking build team applications starting today and ending on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 31st at noon pacific time (3pm Eastern).  There are some things that you need to be aware of:

  1. Each Build Team applicant must be at least MEMBER rank.  If you are not the correct rank you will not be able to see the application.  If you are a member, and cannot see the application, then you are not logged in.

  2. We will be filling 6 positions at this time (*if we get quality applicants*)

  3. Current staff can be considered, however we prefer to keep build team and moderator positions separate from each other.  If you apply, and get approved, you will lose your moderator position

Good luck to all of you!

Friday Updates

Eudaemonea a posted Oct 17, 14
Here's a quick look at what's new or updated on the server:

  • Added a new Worlds page to Information tab for quick reference
  • Added a new Skyblock page to Information tab for quick reference
  • Added additional Shopkeepers to Skyblock (bottom floor)
  • Updated /worlds to include Skyblock
  • Updated /worlds to better explain Resources
  • Updated forums to correctly reflect Server Suggestions, instead of Site Suggestions
  • Disabled weather in Skyblock to lower lag for certain players
  • Updated Chat filters to better screen for advertising and behavioral issues

Just a heads up, but I will be starting work on adding the mini games in beginning Monday.  We should hopefully have some of those online by next weekend.  Stay tuned for updates!



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